Open Stage

Place de l’Hôtel de Ville

Programmation Open Stage

16h00 – 16h40 : Didier Sustrac (FR)
17h00 – 17h40 : Bartleby Delicate (LU)

18h00 – 20h00 : DJ Kirsty Sutherland (LU)

20h20 – 21h00 : Southern Caravan Breath (DE)
21h20 – 22h00 : Seed to Tree (LU)


C’est le centre-ville qui sera pris musicalement d’assaut le samedi pour animer plus encore le parcours du KULTURLAF et encourager les coureurs. Une scène sera en effet dédiée à une sélection d’artistes émergents, en collaboration avec les programmateurs de la KULTURFABRIK.

Assurément, ce tremplin des Francofolies du Luxembourg complètera et clôturera de la meilleure des manières cette édition « warm up ».

Laissez-vous donc porter et séduire par la musique « en coulée continue » !

16h00 – 16h40 / DIDIER SUSTRAC

Didier Sustrac

Le cerf-volant de Didier, le plus brésilien des chanteurs français,  n’a plus peur des vents contraires, il les apprivoise et gonfle désormais librement sa plume.

Passant d’une écriture à l’autre, Didier Sustrac traverse son thriller poétique et son nouvel album, qui en est la bande-son, avec la sérénité d’un artiste qui, enfant, partait en Manche en bateau avec son père les week-ends et voyait au loin Ostende en remontant vers le nord et qui aujourd’hui, à 57 ans, va puiser dans cette Ostende Bossa ce qui le définit le mieux, c’est-à-dire un artiste tourné vers l’avenir qui revendique son appartenance à l’Europe et à sa langue française sans oublier son rôle de passeur qui reconstruit avec sa génération (avec ses musiciens en partie brésiliens, dont le fils de Baden-Powell, Philippe, et les invités du disque, Camila Costa et Pierre Barouh, son ami qui vient de disparaître et qui lui inspira son tropisme brésilien)

Ce pont  toujours rêvé entre la France et le Brésil. Un artiste debout qui hait les  DJ’s  parce  qu’il  hait  «ce monde de l’excès, cette transe indue de la machine qui symbolise l’industrialisation et la robotisation à outrance qui oublie l’humain». Emouvants, ces sables ostendais…

17h00 – 17h40 / BARTLEBY DELICATE

Bartleby Delicate is a singer-songwriter based in Luxembourg. Known for being the frontman and singer of Luxembourgish band Seed to Tree, Georges Goerens started his solo project in 2017, by the name of Bartleby Delicate. Since then Bartleby Delicate played shows in Luxembourg and abroad, e.g. The Great Escape Festival in Brighton and supporting bands like Rodrigo y Gabriela, Giant Rooks, Aldous Harding and The Welshly Arms.

Apparelled with his voice and a guitar, Bartleby ornaments his poems with delicate guitar playing and soothing melodies. In the mood of Bon Iver and The Tallest Man On Earth, Bartleby Delicate’s live performances are filled with an eager determination without losing any of its sincerity and tenderness. Currently, Bartleby Delicate is working on his first studio album.

18h00 – 20h00 / DJ KIRSTY SUTHERLAND

You’re probably here to find out more about me and I’d like to think we’re all friends so let me be the one to tell you first-hand.

​My mum was from Dundee, Scotland and my dad is from Wellington, New Zealand but I’ve now spent the majority of my life in a tiny country in Europe called Luxembourg. Interesting mix I know. My vision is a simple one. I have the most fun DJ’ing when I see the smiles & energy that my sets are able to give to the people I am playing to. For me, it is important not to become stuck on any one genre but rather to have the ability to adapt to the crowd of people I am playing to. At the end of the day my goal is to send people home with sore feet, a smile on their face and great memories.

​I came onto the scene in 2015, and no not straight from a bedroom set up but the other way around. My first time ever DJ’ing or playing with the notion of it was a last minute fill in at a local bar because I had ‘music knowledge’. From there I was given regular slots and was hooked, that’s when I decided to get more serious, bought an affordable controller and trained at home whilst taking bookings around the country and open for some big acts from Germany.

2016 was a milestone year for me, I’d worked hard to learn the craft quickly often going out and looking at the region’s best DJs at work – I looked up to local heroes, I think that’s important, your big local DJs are just as capable of rocking a crowd than a superstar DJ. Support your local scene. So in 2016 my two favourite big name DJ’s took a chance on me and invited me to join them in a residency for an open air VIP club concept in Metz, France called Adonia 5 nights a week. I loved every second of it and learned to incorporate some french culture into my mixes. I was then invited by a friend to play at Amnéville Galaxie Arena to open for Steve Angello (formerly of Swedish House Mafia), Eva Simons & Feder. Back on the home turf in Luxembourg I was now regularly circulating the most popular bars & clubs and people knew who I was. The end of 2016? Even better as I got to play two back to back dates in a nightclub in Wellington, NZ as a headline act.

​In 2017 I secured an official sponsorship with let’s face it my favourite alcoholic drink Jägermeister. I was featured in Delano magazine for my work, I had five residencies confirmed at Hitch Luxembourg, Apoteca Club, The Tube bar, Fabrik & Schräinerei, I got to travel overseas to play in England, UK and venture across the border to Belgium to play on the dance scene. I won two awards after being voted #2 best generalist DJ (Prix du Public) at the Luxembourg Nightlife Awards 2017 and also voted #2 best generalist DJ by the jury of the Luxembourg Nightlife Awards 2017. It’s so gratifying when an entire nation recognises all the hard work you put in to give them the best nights you possibly can.

2018 is proving my biggest year to date with regular residencies across Luxembourg, France and Ibiza for the summer and I was fortunate enough to secure my place in the top 3 for a consecutive year winning #3 best generalist DJ (public & jury) at the Luxembourg Nightlife Awards 2018.

I’m not just a DJ though, for a few years I’ve had my own weekly radio show on Fridays, you can now find me live on air every Monday & Tuesday morning and I’ve also provided a lot of cover on national radio Ara City Radio. I also try and release mixtapes as regularly as I can with a lot of people asking me to do USBs for them, my mixtapes aren’t like a lot of mixtapes on Mixcloud, I don’t post-produce – I mix and record in one take then upload. I’d like it to be as raw as possible as if you were live in front of me. I’ve had over 30,000+ plays collectively and my Old School vs New School RnB mixtape placed #4 globally on the Mixcloud charts & #19 on the Hip Hop Charts. I also got some recognition from some well known electronic DJs about my  electronic genre mixes. No names here though, check out my mixes for yourself and make up your own mind.

My ideal set up is a Pioneer DJM S9 with a pair of CDJs. I like to play around with acapellas and create something that you may not have heard before during my live sets. I also mix numerous genres throughout the night, I will mix songs together that you never knew were possible to be played together. I want to take you on a journey and I want you to have fun whilst we travel together for the night.

I can still never believe that this is what I do, I love it and I’m grateful that I’ve been able to travel doing this. I’m constantly looking to expand my creativity and push boundaries. THANK YOU.

20h20 – 21h00 / Southern Caravan Breath

SOUTHERN CARAVAN BREATH is a band from germany formed in 2015.

High energy riffs mixed with greatful harmonies looking for your heart. From the streets to those stages. This is what Southern Caravan Breath is looking for.  Early in 2018 the band signed their first contract with the young record lable Southgate Music from stuttgart. After that they were playing many showcases and the first record „The True Love EP“ was published in june 2018.

Together with Jon Caffery they recorded four songs in Maarwegstudio 2 in cologne. The sound is old fashioned mixed with new elements. The next record is planned and the band will play a short tour through europe at the end of october to promote the new record.

So stay tuned when you hear that SOUTHERN CARAVAN BREATH is coming to town!  
Keep on rocking for a free worldCordialement

21h20 – 22h00 / Seed to Tree

Coming from an inconspicuous country in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg band Seed to Tree developed from their folk roots into a dedicated indie-pop band reminiscent of acts like Bombay Bicycle Club and Ben Howard.

An intimate voice intertwined with consistent grooves, broad guitar sounds, synth scapes and rich melodies, flirt along the lines of indie pop before meandering atmospheric folk shoegaze kicks in and envelops you.

After releasing their debut album Wandering with over one million plays on Spotify, the music took Seed to Tree beyond Luxembourg’s borders, touring Germany and playing European showcase festivals including Reeperbahn Festival, and supporting international acts such as Beirut, The Temper Trap, Kodaline and Villagers.

The 2017 unconcerned. EP release sounds deeper and more energetic than ever, giving a taster for what can be expected on their upcoming album in 2018.